The One Show Roadshow

We do some pretty daft things at BeVox sometimes. We’ve sung in greenhouses, converted steel foundaries, shopping centres and train stations. We’ve sung to audiences smaller than the choir, and to audiences of well over a thousand. We’ve sung in sunshine, rain, wind and snow. And yesterday, mud!

Despite the British Summer’s best efforts to put a dampener on things, The One Show ran its first ever Roadshow yesterday, at Endcliffe Park – and we were thrilled to have been invited to go along as part of the One Show scratch choir, working with Carrie Grant on getting Sheffield singing! It was a long day, and sometimes spirits drooped a little, but by the time the presenters were firing everyone up, and with the infectious enthusiasm of Alan Davies as their special guest, everyone threw themselves into the final performance with such energy and enthusiasm that it created a fantastic end to the show. We’re really grateful to the BBC for asking us to be a part of it!