Spring 2013 songs announced

One of the crazy things about the schedules we work to at BeVox is that we’re always focussed on several different periods of time. One minute we’re making plans for events next summer, the next we’re dealing with what’s happening at tomorrow night’s session. So, whilst a lot of our time at the moment is spent making arrangements for our Autumn season concerts, especially Buxton, today I can let you know what songs we’ll be doing in our next season, starting in January 2013. The song list can be found here, along with a link to all the songs on YouTube.

We’re also launching our “Introduce a friend” scheme next season – so if you know someone who might be interested in singing with us, get them to come along next season and put your name on their application form as the person that introduced them – you’ll then get a discount yourself! Full details have been sent to all our existing singers.

The Spring 2013 season starts on Thursday 3rd January in Sheffield, followed by Monday 7th in Wakefield, Tuesday 8th in Nottingham and Wednesday 9th in Barnsley. We’ve got a whole host of performances between now and then (see our Performances page), but we’re already getting excited about what the New Year will have in store!

Summer performances, and news about the Autumn

What an incredible week it has been! Two very different performances this weekend – on Friday we performed “Voices at the Cathedral”, and on Saturday we sang at Dore & Totley United Reformed Church. Both events helped to raise funds for local charities, and we’ll post an update on here once we’ve got the final totals in. Musically speaking, both concerts were a real success. It was great to contrast the intimacy of the Dore & Totley event with the grandeur of Sheffield Cathedral, and it was so gratifying to hear the dedication that each singer brought to both events. We had some top quality solo, duet and small ensemble singing, to match the passion of the choir numbers – it really has shown what a dynamic, varied and interesting bunch we are!

As we’re coming to the end of our Summer season (still a few more performances to go!), here are the dates for the Autumn – we’ll start again on Monday 10th September in Wakefield, Tuesday 11th in Nottingham, Wednesday 12th in Barnsley and Thursday 13th in Sheffield. Those singers taking part in “Picnic and Pavarotti at the Priory” and/or “Bestwood MVC Diamond Jubilee Concert”, there’s a top-up rehearsal to remind you of the Summer season music on Saturday 8th September – more details to follow by email. The last sessions of the Autumn season will be on Monday 26th November in Wakefield, Tuesday 27th in Nottingham, Wednesday 28th in Barnsley and Thursday 29th in Sheffield. We are still working out the details of performances at the end of next season – we’ll definitely have performances in each area, in addition to our combined event in Buxton, but we haven’t worked out exactly when or where these will be just yet – we’ll keep you posted.

Finally, the song list for the Autumn is now finalised – follow this link to find out what you’ll be letting yourself in for!

End of season and new songs

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to a great Spring season. We had our first end-of-season concerts this week, at Sheffield Winter Gardens on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes and our “Real Variety Performance” on Thursday evening. All of these went very well indeed – thank you to our guest artists Nycha Dance Creations and Concord Youth Music, both of whom were stunning. We’re looking forward to bringing the show to Wakefield, Nottingham and Barnsley next week.

I’m in the studio today and tomorrow, recording the tracks for next season’s music. There have been a couple of last minute changes to the song list, for various reasons, so if you’re keen to see what we’ll be singing, check the list again – there’s a link here.

We’ve been inundated with requests to perform throughout the Summer season, so it will be a very busy time for us indeed. If you want to be a part of it, make sure you sign up before we start back after Easter – existing singers need to sign up by April 15th. If you’re new to us, just turn up at the first session and we’ll make you very welcome!

We’ve also posted up initial information about our glittering Christmas event, BeVox at Buxton with Brass.

Songs for next season

We had a great time singing for the Ecclesall Live At Home Scheme yesterday – only a small number of singers, but what a great sound! The residents really appreciated it, and I’ve received a lovely “thank you” message from the scheme’s manager. Looking forward to the rest of this season’s performances.

I’ve finally selected the songs for next season, after Toni and I have gone through all the suggestions. There weren’t many to pick from – just 325! I realise that we won’t be able to please everyone with the songs we choose, but I hope we have another good mix – everything from Elvis Presley to Katy Perry, via traditional South African protest songs and Les Misérables! Full details can be found here.

Looking forward

After another enjoyable couple of performances, entertaining pensioners (including Toni’s grandmother) in Hemel Hempstead and patients at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, thoughts turn to next season. We’ve already had a number of exciting invitations, and there are more in the pipeline. Singers have been emailed about these – if you want to come and hear us perform, see our Forthcoming Performances page.

The song choices for next season have been finalised – click here to take a look. We’ve gone slightly more traditional this season, which should work nicely with the community events leading up to Christmas. That hasn’t stopped us including a couple of pop favourites, and we’ve got some musical theatre in there too. The song list for the Christmas Medley is still being finalised, but already has everything from Mariah Carey and Wizzard through to Deck The Halls…


Lots of great things falling into place at the moment. The song list for the Summer Season has been posted (click here), and I’m already halfway through writing the arrangements. It’s going to be really exciting! But I mustn’t get too carried away with thinking about next season just yet, as there are still lots of things to be excited about for this season.

We’ve just finalised the details of another community concert, which is quite personal to me – we’re going to be singing at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, bringing the joy of singing to a group of people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it. It’s this kind of opportunity that makes me so glad to be a part of BeVox – it’s not just about the singing, it’s about sharing it with others and bringing happiness into people’s lives.

Plans for our secret surprise events are coming together nicely – for those people not involved, you’ll hear all about these as soon as we’ve done them. I’m really looking forward to the challenges these events present, as well as the great opportunities – not just for us as singers, but for us as a company too.

Tickets are now available for our Season Finales for this season – click on the “Come and listen” link on the right to find out more. We’re looking forward to sharing our music with you!


I’m having one of those frustrating days when nothing seems to be going quite my way! I’ve been trying to sort out the travel arrangements for one of our “surprise” trips, and it’s proving far more difficult than I first thought. More information on this at the sessions this week.

Nevertheless, things are still going well – we had a very productive (and emotional) workshop in Sheffield on Saturday, and several invitations to sing in different places over the next few months. My main difficulty at the moment is trying to find enough hours in the day to get everything done!

The song list has now been frozen until next season, to give me chance to select the songs, write the arrangements and get the CDs recorded in time for the start of Season Three. I’m hoping to have the selections done by next week, and I’ll post them up here when they’re done. I’m excited about the songs I have to pick from – I’ve got 184 to wade through!!!

Great start to the season

We had our taster session in Nottingham last night – and wow! What a great start to the season. It was lovely to see so many people there, familiar faces and lots of new ones too. There was a real buzz in the room, and already the group has grown significantly since last season.

I was then on BBC Radio Nottingham after the session, talking with Richard Spurr and Dr Lauren Stewart about tone deafness and methods of working with people who believe they can’t sing. All light-hearted fun, but great to have these opportunities to spread the message that singing is for everyone! Click here to listen if you’re interested – Dr Steward comes on at about 2:10:00, and I’m a little after that.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the taster sessions now – Sheffield on Thursday then Wakefield on Monday. A group of us are singing at the opening of “Your Space” in Wakefield on Saturday – a great chance to support a real community event.

Finally, as a few people were asking last night, the link to the list of songs for this season ishere – enjoy!