BeVox OnLine is not working properly

Hi everyone – we’re having some problems with BeVox OnLine at the moment. Although you can log in, you may find you get error messages when trying to do anything, such as signing up for the season or requesting sheet music/CDs. We’ve logged an urgent support call with the web developers, and we’re hoping it will be fixed soon – we’ll post again here when we have an estimate for when it will be back up.

In the meantime, please bear with us, and hopefully we’ll be back to full service shortly.

BeVox OnLine is online again!

After a brief outage over the Easter weekend, BeVox OnLine is available again. All the music for the Summer season is available to download, so if you’ve signed up for the Summer season, you can start listening to the tracks in preparation for the launch of the season next week. See you there!

BeVox OnLine is offline…

Just a quick note to say that we’re aware that you can’t log in to BeVox OnLine at the moment – we’ve raised it with the web developers and we’re hopeful that it will be fixed really soon. Bad timing – it went down just as we were uploading the Summer season tracks! We’ll post again once it’s up, and then you’ll be able to download your music if you’re singing with us for the Summer season.

Possible technical problem with email

It’s possible that some people aren’t receiving emails from us at the moment, particularly if you use AOL for your email. Our ISP is having some technical problems (DDoS attack, for the more technical-minded amongst you), which means that some of our email is being flagged as potential spam. We’ll try to ensure we communicate anything important via our Facebook page and here whilst the email stuff gets sorted out. Thanks for bearing with us!

New blog, new website on the way

I’ve had lots of feedback about our website – a lot of it positive, but a few people have suggested it wasn’t always easy to read. I’ve been looking through it, and decided it was time for a revamp. I’ve learnt a lot about web design since I put the first site together, and hopefully I can now create something with a more modern, clean look and feel.

The first part of the move to the new look is this blog. Replacing the old “News” section of the website, the blog will continue to be updated with about the same frequency (varying from once every few weeks if there’s not a lot happening or if I’m swamped, up to once every few days if there’s lots to report). Hopefully you’ll continue to find it useful – whether you do or don’t, please let me know. It’s really important that we get feedback about everything we do, so please tell me if you like the new look, or if you’d prefer other changes.

For those of you who care about the technical stuff, I’ve moved from static HTML to a WordPress site, to give a bit more flexibility, add the option of RSS feeds, and to fit in with the look and feel of the new website which should be launched early in the New Year.

BeVox OnLine

We’re pleased to announce the launch of BeVox OnLine, our new Singer’s Area of the website. This will initially let you sign up for seasons and download your sheet music and rehearsal tracks. Over the next few months, more functions will be added, such as the ability to see what you’ve paid and anything you might owe, to pay for sessions in advance online, and to sign up for events and see the events you’ve committed to. We’ll be continuing to develop BeVox OnLine, so if there are things you’d like it to do, please let us know!

You can access the new system by clicking here!

Back up and running

I’ve not been able to update the website for the last couple of weeks, as my computer broke down. It took a few days to get the components for a new one, then a few more days for Toni to build it, then several days to reinstall all the software and move the data over from the old machine. At least I back everything up very regularly! I’m now up and running again, with lots to report.

It’s the Alight Commissions workshop this weekend – everyone who is signed up should have received an email last night with the link to the scores. Remember, you need to download and print this, and bring it with you on Saturday.

We’ve been working hard on creating some future events, as well as getting things ready for the end of season performances. I’ve updated the Performance page with details of all the performances we have coming up.

We should be able to announce all the details for our Summer Singing Retreat in the next couple of days – we’re very excited about it. Pencil in August 19th-24th…

We’re also planning another set of “Variety” performances, again raising funds for local charities – these will take place in early April. We’re putting things in place for a rock and pop concert, in collaboration with Tragical History Tour, which will happen in mid-July and include two very different halves (our music in the first half, and a Beatles set in the second half – featuring a recreation of the entire Abbey Road album live on stage).

And, would you believe it, we have a date booked for NEXT Christmas – we’ll be doing our very own black-tie gala evening, with dinner and a concert, at the incredible Buxton Dome – this will be on December 8th 2012, and will include a full concert, accompanied by a live brass and percussion ensemble. It’s going to be a busy year!

Back to today, and we’re off to view a performance venue this afternoon (for one of our “secret” events), then it’s back to getting everything ready for this weekend – not just the Alight Commissions workshop, but there’s the small matter of a wedding on Friday – looking forward to that VERY much indeed!

Website redesign

The website has had a general update, which will hopefully make it easier to find what you need. Let us know what you think using the Contact Us link. There are plans to make the website more interactive next year, which will include an online calendar of events, a singer’s area with customised information specific to each singer, and the ability to book your place online.