21st Feb 2013 Sheffield session cancelled

Really sorry, but I have to cancel this week’s session in Sheffield too. Although I’m on the mend, I have virtually no voice, so wouldn’t be of much use to you! I’m sure I’ll be back to full strength next week, and we can work out how we handle the missed session then.

Take care, keep singing, and I’ll see you soon!

Wakefield session 18th Feb 2013 cancelled

It is with great reluctance that I am cancelling tonight’s session in Wakefield. I have no voice and feel really run down – burning the candle at too many ends, clearly. I’ve emailed all our Wakefield singers, but am posting here as well to make sure I catch everyone I can.

We’ll discuss how we handle the missing session next week – we can look at putting an extra one in before the end of the season, or refunding people who have prepaid if that works better for everyone.

Looking forward to being back fighting fit next week!

Venue change, Nottingham, 22nd January 2013

For our Nottingham session on Tuesday (22nd January), we’ll be at West Bridgford Methodist Church rather than our usual venue. This is on the junction of Musters Road and Patrick Road – map: http://goo.gl/maps/J8JmL. Parking is difficult at this venue, so please try to arrive early or be prepared to park a street or two away.