Second annual BeVox summer picnic

On Saturday 12th August, we had our second annual BeVox summer picnic at Clumber Park. With the exception of a few light spots, the weather stayed fine (if a little overcast) – but nothing would have damped the enthusiasm of everyone who came! It was fantastic to get together with people again and renew the friendships that have built up between us all. It was particularly lovely to hear stories of how people have been getting together socially whilst we’re on our summer break – it seems that having no sessions to go to just frees people up to spend fun time together anyway!

Of course, it would be impossible to get a bunch of BeVox singers together and have no music. We had a sneak peek of a couple of the tracks on our forthcoming CD, “Blue Skies”. We also had a quick blast of a few of the rehearsal tracks for next season’s music – and I have to say I was impressed to see some people starting to sing along already! What was even more impressive was that some of the people singing along weren’t BeVox singers at all – they were their children! All part of the big BeVox family, of course…

Getting together for an afternoon of fun and relaxation together has bridged the gap between the end of the summer season and the start of the autumn one quite nicely. There’s still a little while to go before we all get back to our usual weekly sessions, but the wait seems a little shorter now. Of course, Toni and I aren’t twiddling our thumbs during the break – we’ve been working on a variety of things, including finishing off the artwork for the Blue Skies CD, preparing sheet music for next season, writing orchestrations for the backing tracks, and making plans for a number of forthcoming events – including our big mystery event on 14th July next year. We’re very excited!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone when we start the autumn season in September – let’s rock!

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox

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