Anniversary celebrations

We’re just home from our incredible weekend celebrating the 5th anniversary of BeVox. It’s been a brilliant time, shared with so many people, with lots of others willing us on from afar too. From the moment people came together for the workshop on Friday afternoon, we knew we were in for a pretty amazing time. The camaraderie was brilliant, with people forging new friendships as well as strengthening existing ones. Throughout the whole weekend, the support people showed for each other was second to none. This ranged from the big things (real emotional, physical and even financial support), to little gestures like the whoops and cheers people gave to EVERYONE who got up to sing at the party, and the singers who bought coffee to surprise the recording engineer on Sunday. It’s all this support and camaraderie that makes BeVox the community that it is, so it felt utterly right to have it shown in such abundance for our anniversary celebrations.

The flash mob on Friday night was great fun – and showed that even if you plan something, you can always improve on it with a little improvisation! Instead of trying to cram everyone into the foyer of the Spa theatre, after a quick meeting with the duty manager we headed outside instead – so we really were “dancing in the street”! Ben, the husband of one of our singers, Anne, filmed the whole thing, which is now on YouTube here:

Quite a lot of us then went to watch the show in the Spa theatre that night – “The Best of Thoroughly Modern Musicals”. The performers were great – and they clearly appreciated having such a lively and vocal audience! I wasn’t expecting it when they made reference to the flash mob in their show, so I was even more surprised when the following day I was passed the phone number of their producer, who is apparently interested in doing some work with us – who knows, maybe next year we’ll be doing a whole summer season in Scarborough!

The Best of Thoroughly Modern Musicals
The Best of Thoroughly Modern Musicals

We got stuck into the recording on Saturday and Sunday. This was a new experience for virtually all of our singers, and a very different one from singing in concerts. The focus and concentration needed was hard work, particularly when we were also trying our best not to get too serious and lose that fun edge that defines us as BeVox! Both days of recording were tiring, but very rewarding. Although we got a couple of sneaky peeks at how things sounded on the day, of course these were only the raw tracks before they’d been mixed and properly produced, so we’ll all have to wait a while before we hear the finished product. I know everyone will be keen to hear it when it’s ready!

The view from the conductor's podium
The view from the conductor’s podium

Then of course it was party time! The Spa’s magnificent Ocean Room had been transformed from recording studio into glitzy party venue, and everyone arrived in high spirits. Toni and I even got to practice a “receiving line”! It was lovely to see everyone letting their hair down, and sharing in good food, good music, and exceptional company. A number of people got up to sing to everyone – hats off to each and every one of them. We had a few trips down memory lane by singing some BeVox songs from the past, and then we partied until midnight with some serious dancing!

Dancing at the party
Dancing at the party

Thank you to everyone who has shared in the first five years of BeVox, in whatever form and for however much of that time. We’ve had a blast, and we can’t wait to share the next five years with you too!

Until next time...
Until next time…