What a weekend!

We’ve just got back from an incredible weekend. We kicked off by singing for the wedding reception of one of our singers, Claire. There was a lovely atmosphere, and she looked incredible in her dress. We all wish her and her new husband many years of happiness in their marriage.
Toni and I couldn’t stay for long after we’d sung, as we had to head over to Lincoln for a radio interview. That was a load of fun too!
We’ve then spent the weekend singing throughout Lincoln, spreading the word about BeVox in preparation for our launch there on Wednesday. Toni and I want to extend a massive thank you to everyone who came along to help us, whether as singers or leaflet distributors! We’re grateful beyond words for the time you all gave up for us – Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it, but it’s all we have.
The singing was great, the camaraderie irreplaceable, and it’s set us up for a great first week back after the summer break. All we need now is for our legs to start working again… 🙂