WW1 Sheffield Cares for the Wounded event

We had a great time singing for the opening of the “Sheffield Cares for the Wounded” exhibition at the University of Sheffield’s Medical School last night. Comments from the guests were uniformly positive, and we even have a few people who are thinking of joining us after hearing us sing. The event organisers sent a lovely thank you today, reproduced below:

Can you thank your lovely singers for the performances last night.  Many people told me how great the choir were and how much they set the atmosphere.  Our guest speaker particularly,  Mr Tom Scotland, was enthralled and despite being expected at dinner was insistent on staying on until you finished to give his thanks personally.

I was chatting with a few of the older guests afterwards, and they said that our singing brought back some really vivid memories for them, which was really touching. We also spoke to the University’s events manager, who was very impressed with us and has taken our details – she wants to use us for other events that the University arrange. All in all, a good night!

Thanks to everyone who came along, and to those who volunteered but who we couldn’t squeeze in. Thanks also to Susan for getting us in the invite in the first place – much appreciated.

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox