Songs for the Summer 2014

I’ve finally managed to narrow down my many shortlists and pick the songs for next season. It’s always tough to do this, as we have so many suggestions from our singers – over 450 to pick from at the moment! I’m sure there will be something in the list for everyone though.

As we don’t have a “big” concert next season, I thought we could bring back a couple of songs from previous seasons and include them in the main song list – it’s always fun to go back to songs we’ve enjoyed in the past, and I think bringing just a couple back strikes the right balance between not being intimidating to new people, whilst meaning we can cover a slightly longer list of songs.

As the Tour de France is coming to the UK in the summer, we just had to include Bicycle Race – and we’re planning a few special events based around this too.

The other event we’re commemorating with the music for the season is the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. I’m writing a medley of songs either from that time, or inspired by it, which focusses on those left behind. Continuing that theme, we’ll also be singing the beautiful “Wherever you are”, originally performed by the Military Wives choir. We hope this is a fitting tribute to all those caught up in conflict, in whatever capacity.

The full list of songs can be seen on our “Song list” page on the main website – take a look here. We’re looking forward to singing them all!

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox