Proud of who we are

There have been a few things over the last week or so that have made me really proud of who we are as a choir. The way people have handled my minor operation has been great – concerned but not overbearing, and just smoothly slotting in to help with the things that I’m not able to do for the next couple of weeks, without any fuss. That’s the mark of a real caring community.

Then we had the auditions on Sunday morning, and the additional session in the afternoon. All the auditionees turned up having fully prepared, and did their stuff without fuss or drama. There was a great, sensitive discussion amongst the panel afterwards – people being really supportive of their peers, without being unrealistic about what could be achieved. There was no danger of any diva behaviour, and everyone genuinely wanted everyone else to do well.

The rehearsal in the afternoon was great fun, and everyone adapted well to a slightly different way of working – again, no fuss, just getting on with what we were there for. We had a good laugh together, and made some great music – learning four songs in three hours takes some focus, and everyone rose to the occasion. I’ve had a few lovely emails from people who hadn’t sung those songs before, saying how much they appreciated the help given to them by people around them who knew the songs already. That kind of teamwork is at the heart of what we’re about.

We’ve had two out of our three sessions so far this week, and we’ve been moving on to new material – but it’s felt like the songs we’ve been covering had already been taught the week before, because everyone had done some advance work on them, and so the process just flowed with no fuss. Last night in Nottingham we essentially learnt the vast majority of four songs in two hours, and it didn’t feel like I was melting peoples’ brains – everyone had a good time, came out feeling like they’d achieved something, and we’d made a great sound in the process.

I’m so proud of the kind of choir that BeVox is. We have fun together, we work hard and play hard, and there’s no drama. It’s utterly lovely, and I thank every one of you for contributing to that.

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox