A Circle of Life update

Back in December, we put on “A Circle of Life”, our most ambitious event to date. We’ve very nearly finished putting together the DVD of this concert, and we’ll be selling copies at our weekly sessions in a few weeks, once the discs have been manufactured. Incidentally, we’ll also be selling copies of our “BeVox @ Magna” DVD, from our first ever big concert back in 2011 – we have a small number of copies left, so we’ll be selling them off at half price.

In the course of putting the “A Circle of Life” DVD together, I’ve managed to pull quite a few still pictures from the video feeds – I’ve uploaded them to our Flickr page, so if you want to take a look, head over there.

We’re looking forward to creating many more special events like these – remember, tickets for “Voices at the Lakeside” go on sale very soon, and we expect them to fly out the door!

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox