We held our auditions for solos, duets and small ensembles this weekend, which was great fun (well, fun for me – I got to listen to lots of great singing!). I know that all the auditionees find it less fun, as it’s always stressful auditioning. It was really useful having the panel with me too, and their input into the process was invaluable.

I then had the really tough job of deciding what to offer people. This is always difficult, but was made even more so this season by the plans and restrictions I’d put in place for our “A Circle of Life” event. I hate having to turn anyone down, so it’s been a really tough process trying to work everything out. The offers of solos have just been sent out to everyone though, and once the acceptances come in over the next few days, I’ll be able to share who is singing in each event. Congratulations to everyone who gave it a go – it’s a nerve-wracking process, and I salute each and every one of you!

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox