Victoria BID flash mob

What a day!

Yesterday, around 200 singers travelled from across Yorkshire, the Midlands and South Wales to London in order to flashmob the capital – three performances at Victoria Rail Station, the Piazza outside Westminster Cathedral, and Buckingham Palace. We were invited to put this together by Victoria BID to help promote the Victoria area of London as a tourist and business destination.

It was incredible! In the station, we had hundreds of people stopping to watch, take pictures and film us. The station management were seriously impressed with how well we did (and how well we respected their rules too), and have invited us back to do something similar there again in the future. It was a challenge, with so much space to fill and everything else going on around us, but it absolutely worked – a testament to everyone’s concentration!

Then we went to the Cathedral, and the acoustic in the Piazza really helped us – it sounded magnificent. The reaction from the tourists who had stopped to take pictures of the Cathedral was great to watch!

Finally, the big one – Buckingham Palace – time to take our Queen medley to the Queen! As all the singers know, I’d been very nervous about the musical side of this one – an open space with no walls to bounce the sound off meant some serious worries about us staying together and sounding good. I needn’t have worried – we rocked it! The sound was awesome, and the reaction from the crowd was immense – hundreds of people filming us, and dozens deciding to get involved and sing and dance along with us!

I’m sure everyone involved had a great day, and now have some incredible stories to tell (including the people who made a grand entrance to the Piazza performance – rocking up in a taxi just as they started singing – classic!). The events manager at Victoria BID was utterly thrilled with what we’d achieved for them, and is already talking about plans for our next appearance.

Thank you to everyone who took part, came along, or otherwise made it possible. Thanks to our friends at City Voices and The Rodillian Singers – it’s always great to sing with both of these brilliant choirs, and lovely to see friendships being renewed. Let’s do it again sometime!

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox