Choosing songs for Autumn 2013

I’ve spent most of yesterday and today going through all the suggestions that people have made for our songs for next season. There are so many! Over 570 in total, with nearly 200 being suggested specifically to fit with next season’s theme of “The Days of Our Lives”.

The hard thing has been whittling them down – there are so many great songs on the list. I’ve been trying really hard to tell a coherent story from beginning to end, whilst still providing lots of contrasts of style, tempo and mood. My first draft looked great, and really got into the story very well indeed – until I counted the songs and realised there were forty on the list!

There are so many exciting moments coming together for this concert now – I can see some of them really clearly in my mind’s eye, right down to the set design, lighting, orchestration, everything. It really will be a milestone in the BeVox journey. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

The final song list will be posted to the main website in the next day or two – keep your eyes peeled onĀ