21st Feb 2013 Sheffield session cancelled

Really sorry, but I have to cancel this week’s session in Sheffield too. Although I’m on the mend, I have virtually no voice, so wouldn’t be of much use to you! I’m sure I’ll be back to full strength next week, and we can work out how we handle the missed session then.

Take care, keep singing, and I’ll see you soon!

Wakefield session 18th Feb 2013 cancelled

It is with great reluctance that I am cancelling tonight’s session in Wakefield. I have no voice and feel really run down – burning the candle at too many ends, clearly. I’ve emailed all our Wakefield singers, but am posting here as well to make sure I catch everyone I can.

We’ll discuss how we handle the missing session next week – we can look at putting an extra one in before the end of the season, or refunding people who have prepaid if that works better for everyone.

Looking forward to being back fighting fit next week!

A test of what BeVox is truly about

BeVox has a few challenging months ahead. Toni, one of our two directors and my partner, went into hospital for a long-awaited transplant operation just over a week ago. She’s making a good recovery, which is massively encouraging, but her absence leaves a very significant hole.┬áRunning the choir in her absence is a tall order – she does so much behind the scenes, and it’s hard to pick up everything she kept going whilst also continuing to run the sessions and head over the Pennines to visit her as often as possible.

So, this is where we get to see the real heart of what BeVox is all about. The offers of help, in every shape and size, have come flooding in. Registers are being taken, rotas organised, people have cooked for me and transported equipment up and down motorways. This great community – a collection of people bound together by nothing more than their collective love of singing – has shown its true colours and risen to the challenge. I’m humbled by the level of support and care everyone has shown. Over 40 individual cards have come our way, with many of them from whole groups of the choir who have banded together to express their care for Toni’s recovery. This in itself shows part of what BeVox is all about – people who never knew each other until they sang together are coming together to express themselves, to share their concerns and resources. There are messages of support on social media sites from singers current and past, from colleagues and friends, from other choirs and people we’ve sung with across the UK and America.

Through adversity comes triumph. These next few months will be difficult behind the scenes, but hopefully everything will continue as normal – sessions will run, concerts will be performed, music will be made. And in the process, this band of people that makes up BeVox will become still closer. Thank you to each and every person who is a part of this amazing whole.