New blog, new website on the way

I’ve had lots of feedback about our website – a lot of it positive, but a few people have suggested it wasn’t always easy to read. I’ve been looking through it, and decided it was time for a revamp. I’ve learnt a lot about web design since I put the first site together, and hopefully I can now create something with a more modern, clean look and feel.

The first part of the move to the new look is this blog. Replacing the old “News” section of the website, the blog will continue to be updated with about the same frequency (varying from once every few weeks if there’s not a lot happening or if I’m swamped, up to once every few days if there’s lots to report). Hopefully you’ll continue to find it useful – whether you do or don’t, please let me know. It’s really important that we get feedback about everything we do, so please tell me if you like the new look, or if you’d prefer other changes.

For those of you who care about the technical stuff, I’ve moved from static HTML to a WordPress site, to give a bit more flexibility, add the option of RSS feeds, and to fit in with the look and feel of the new website which should be launched early in the New Year.

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox

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