Summer singing retreat

We’ve just got back from our Summer Singing Retreat, and I don’t think words can express what an amazing time we had. Everything from the sumptuous surroundings to the exceptional talent of our guest workshop leaders was simply incredible – but the stars of the week had to be you – the singers. For a group of people who had never sung together before, you created a living, breathing, supportive, welcoming atmosphere that was something to behold. It impressed everyone who witnessed it – our guests from other choirs, our workshop leaders, Toni and I all commented on what a supportive group you all were. Thank you.

After the success of the week, we’re already planning several things to follow on. David Grant’s generous offer of allowing us to use the incredible “Hallelujah” we worked on has sparked several ideas, and once we’ve got those confirmed we’ll share them with you – we’re looking at some fun things around Easter next year. And of course we’re planning another Summer Singing Retreat – next year’s will be very different, with a different focus, but still the same emphasis on having a great time whilst singing together. Watch this space!

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox

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