End of season and new songs

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to a great Spring season. We had our first end-of-season concerts this week, at Sheffield Winter Gardens on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes and our “Real Variety Performance” on Thursday evening. All of these went very well indeed – thank you to our guest artists Nycha Dance Creations and Concord Youth Music, both of whom were stunning. We’re looking forward to bringing the show to Wakefield, Nottingham and Barnsley next week.

I’m in the studio today and tomorrow, recording the tracks for next season’s music. There have been a couple of last minute changes to the song list, for various reasons, so if you’re keen to see what we’ll be singing, check the list again – there’s a link here.

We’ve been inundated with requests to perform throughout the Summer season, so it will be a very busy time for us indeed. If you want to be a part of it, make sure you sign up before we start back after Easter – existing singers need to sign up by April 15th. If you’re new to us, just turn up at the first session and we’ll make you very welcome!

We’ve also posted up initial information about our glittering Christmas event, BeVox at Buxton with Brass.

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox

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