Alight, and Summer season song-list

What an incredible day we had on Saturday! I’m so indescribably proud of every member of BeVox for what we achieved. The day started with a long and complex technical rehearsal, and everyone kept their focus and good humour without fail. It was great to have the chance to spend a little extra time working on “Olympic Triptych”, which really paid off.

Then we moved to the Winter Gardens for our slot in Alight: Daylight. Thanks to your co-operation and good discipline, we were able to get on stage and ready to perform like a well-oiled machine – with not a hint of any “drill sergeant” barking at you! The performance itself was phenomenal – such energy! I think the audience reaction spoke for itself – great to see so many people getting caught up in the spirit of it all and clapping and dancing along. We really brought people together with our performance, which is exactly what BeVox exists to do. Unite! Arise! Alight!

Alight: Twilight at the City Hall was an absolute triumph. All the different groups that came together could have created a disjointed and awkward evening, but thanks to the dedication of each of the groups, and the talent of the creative team behind it, the show was a glorious success. I’ve had great feedback from lots of different people, including people who had lived in Sheffield all their lives but still learnt something new about their city from our show. Our performance of the “Sheffield Medley” was as energetic as I could wish for, and it was great to hear the audience clapping along.

And then there was “Olympic Triptych” – the piece that has occupied an increasingly large corner of my mind since June last year. It didn’t go absolutely perfectly, but it was still an incredible achievement for everyone involved. It was certainly a world premiere to be proud of, and I’m so grateful to everyone who helped bring it to life. I’m already looking at how we can secure further performances – I would love for BeVox (and other choirs) to be able to sing this over and over again.

Thank you to everyone who made Saturday such a special day for so many people. I can’t wait for us all to get in front of an audience and share what we do again.

Finally, our song list for the Summer season is now available. You can find it here:

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox

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