Our biggest week

It’s been a great week at BeVox. Despite the change of venue for Nottingham again, we still had plenty of people there (including a few new faces – welcome!). I know people have enjoyed the sound at the Methodist Church, but the parking is a real problem – we’re still looking at solutions. We are back to our usual home at The Becket School next week.

After some more new sign-ups and great attendance, I’m happy to say that this week has seen the most singers at sessions that we’ve ever seen – over 220 across the four groups. We’re thrilled that Barnsley is continuing to grow, and the sound in each group is getting better and better. “Shona malanga” is rapidly becoming a favourite, I think!

I’ve been trying to get all my loose ends tied up this week, as I’m in London from Friday to Sunday working on another project. I was at Sheffield City Hall yesterday, making plans for Alight, then I had a lovely email from David Grant, who is looking forward to working with everyone who is coming to our Summer Singing Retreat. I’m just booking another site visit to Buxton to prepare for our Charity Gala Concert on 8th December – it’s shaping up to be a busy and exciting year!

Author: Tim Allen (admin)

Director of BeVox

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