Time flies

They say time flies when you’re having fun. I must be having a lot of fun then!

The Singposium last weekend was a great afternoon – such a supportive atmosphere in the room, and everyone who took part should be very proud of themselves. People who had taken part in last season’s Singposium as well had definitely upped their game! It was lovely to see some new faces too, including a singer from Wakefield – we’ve just got to get a Barnsley singer into next season’s Singposium and we’ll have all the groups represented. I’d like to say thanks to the singers who came along just to watch and support as well – I hope you found it interesting to see how the process works. I’ll be sending out individual emails to everyone who sang, with details of which songs and performances I’d like to offer them – once these have been accepted or rejected, I’ll be able to send everyone the list of who is performing what and when.

Of course, I’ve also had my parents attending each session this week – back from their Australian adventure, and very keen to see how BeVox works. They thoroughly enjoyed their time up here – both the singing and the chance to meet and chat with our singers. They’ve taken CDs and sheet music back to Berkshire with them, and who knows – they might just come up and sing with us in some of our performances…

And finally, last night was “Another One-Off Show” in Dronfield. Thanks to everyone who came along – particularly for your patience. I think all the waiting around ended up being worth it though, with a great performance and a fantastic reaction from the audience. The event raised over £2,000 for the mission to Nepal, so thanks for helping us support this cause.

I’ve got two big projects this week, and I’m trying to focus on them and nothing else – getting the Magna DVD ready for duplication (nearly there!), and finishing my commissioned piece for Alight. The workshop on 5th November is approaching very quickly, and I’ve still got a lot of writing to do!